Infinia ML Chief Scientist Shines at 2018 Machine Learning Conference

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Durham, NC (Jul 10, 2018) Infinia ML, an advanced machine learning company, announced that its Chief Scientist, Larry Carin, Ph.D., was the second-most published researcher at the Thirty-fifth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), which begins today in Stockholm. Carin published seven papers, second only to the eight from Tencent Labs’ Tong Zhang.

ICML, which attracts research from institutions like Google, Stanford, Microsoft, MIT, and Facebook, is widely considered one of the world’s most prestigious machine learning gatherings. Another is the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), where Carin was the most-published researcher in December 2017.

“To be a top researcher at two top machine learning conferences is extraordinary,” said Infinia CEO Robbie Allen, “and as our clients know, Dr. Carin’s accomplishments aren’t solely academic. He applies cutting-edge machine learning expertise to make real business impact, bridging the gap between the laboratory and the board room.”

Carin’s research lays the groundwork for potential advances in healthcare and general data synthesis. Four of his papers were co-authored with Infinia ML data scientist Ricardo Henao. Another, written with Infinia ML research scientist Hongteng Xu, shows how individual patient records could help hospitals better understand overall infectivity for different diseases. The same technique could help companies examine individual employee history for clues about the company’s contribution to job-hopping.

“We move machine learning forward so that we can move business forward,” said CEO Robbie Allen. “We’re extremely proud of Dr. Carin, Dr. Henao, and Dr. Xu.”

About Infinia ML

Infinia ML is a team of advanced machine learning experts helping enterprise clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve breakthroughs. Infinia ML serves industries from manufacturing and healthcare to marketing and human resources. The company’s capabilities include natural language processing, recommendation engines, object detection, 3D image modeling, and anomaly detection.

The company is led by CEO Robbie Allen, an experienced AI entrepreneur, Chief Scientist Lawrence Carin, Ph.D., one of the world’s most published machine learning experts and Duke University’s Vice Provost for Research, and Executive Chairman and Carrick Capital Partners Managing Director Mike Salvino. Together, the Infinia ML team has produced 31 patents, 11 books, 7 Ph.D.s, and more than 575 published papers.

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