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Saama Launches Industry Changing Life Science Analytics Cloud

CAMPBELL, CA (September 19, 2017) – Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading big data and advanced analytics solutions company, today announced the launch of its Life Science Analytics Cloud, which is designed to optimize clinical development processes and deliver outcomes by streamlining the steps of the entire clinical data journey. The suite offers a complete range of cloud-based clinical data analytics solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

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As pharmaceutical companies struggle with the increase in drug development cycle times and cost overruns, pressure mounts for better command of the data that runs their business to make the drug development processes more efficient. A major challenge for any pharmaceutical company is the ability to leverage all the data it generates and has access to, due to data silos produced by a multi-vendor business model and disparate trial management systems.

Saama’s suite of analytics, powered by its Fluid Analytics Engine®, integrates multiple sources of structured and unstructured data. The cloud-based solution has pre-built capabilities for data ingestion, integration, and analysis, which can be leveraged to generate real-time business insights within weeks. Saama’s clients benefit from faster time-to-market, reduced costs, and better patient and business outcomes.

“We are committed to bringing our signature innovation and deep expertise to driving more efficient, optimized business processes and outcomes in the Life Sciences industry,” said Suresh Katta, CEO and founder of Saama Technologies. “We have been in the business of delivering superior business results for our clients and have spent considerable time and effort in developing a framework that can solve any data challenge. The launch of our Life Science Analytics Cloud marks a significant milestone in the progression of our company.”

Saama Life Science Analytics Cloud Modules

Clinical Development Optimizer: Clinical Development Optimizer (CDO) is a data lifecycle management solution that specializes in integrating and harmonizing data from disparate sources to create a clinical data lake where all the data resides, prepped and ready for analytics. CDO allows a clinical research team to assess risks across all studies and to evaluate performance based on key metrics.

Trial Planning Optimizer: Trial Planning Optimizer (TPO) is the clinical trial feasibility solution that optimizes the processes governing enrollment, investigator identification, site selection, and patient burden. TPO uses Real World Data (RWD) to identify eligible patient populations and principal investigators. TPO evaluates and quantifies the likelihood of successful patient enrollment and site selection.

Cohort Builder: Cohort Builder is the cohort generation solution that identifies patient populations based on inclusion-exclusion criteria. It organizes real-world patient information based on diagnosis, drug therapy, and procedures, to pinpoint population groups that fit specified criteria. Cohort Builder summarizes incidence rates and comorbidities of a disease and various other target metrics across a target cohort.

Market Analyzer: Market Analyzer is the commercialization analysis solution that provides the therapeutic value of clinical products, within a market basket and across geographic areas. The solution allows companies to predict the reception of a drug or treatment in the market on the basis of claims/EMR data and mapping it across similar products, market trends, and competitor activity.

Patient Pathways: Patient Pathways is the patient journey tracking solution that facilitates the evaluation of treatments, disease progression, outcomes, and total economic costs. Patient Pathways leverages RWD to provide decision-making insight into how a given disease is treated and/or managed; drug lines of therapy; treatment options and outcomes; cost of therapy; treating physicians; disease progression and complications.

“Saama’s revolutionary Life Science Analytics Cloud incorporates the latest techniques of deep learning and machine learning along with the industry’s foremost data ingestion and harmonization engine to deliver game-changing results for the industry,” said Karim Damji, SVP of Product Management and Marketing at Saama Technologies. “The launch of our Life Science Analytics Cloud is a natural progression from our previously announced innovative Clinical Data Analytics and Management as a Service announcement (CDaaS.) The analytics suite builds on top of a new consumption model for managing complexities of trial data and allows trial teams to focus on research and analysis vs. data-wrangling.”

With the release of the Life Science Analytics Cloud, Saama significantly opens up new possibilities for how to manage data in the life science industry.

About Saama
Saama Technologies is the advanced data and analytics company delivering actionable business insights for life sciences and the Global 2000. We are singularly focused on driving fast, flexible, impactful business outcomes for our clients through data & analytics. Our unique “hybrid” approach integrates focused solutions and expertise across the life sciences domain, business consulting, data science, automated data management and big data technologies. We blend manual and disconnected initiatives into a well-aligned roadmap facilitating the client’s journey from strategy through solution implementation.

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