About Us
What is a “Carrick?”
Carricks are the timbers placed at the heart of a sailing ship. They are the strongest part of the vessel and support its anchoring system. We chose it as the name for our firm because it represents how we approach private equity. We provide strength, stability, and support, while working together with our companies and their management to arrive at the desired location.
Approach to Building Value
Growth Requires More Than Financial Capital
Carrick provides the necessary capital along with a combination of operational and investment expertise that is specifically tailored to help each of our entrepreneurs and their companies succeed.
We are Experts in Enterprise Software and Tech-Enabled Services
Thematically-driven and industry-focused, we identify companies in industries we understand, which are best positioned to take advantage of their markets, and then commit the resources to help them fulfill their potential.
Our Expertise Becomes Your Advantage
Leveraging the firm's collective knowledge and past successes, we help guide our companies along a path of accelerated growth, improved productivity, and increased valuation.
Top Drivers of Value
Together with management, we identify the key strategic areas that will deliver the biggest impact on effective growth and efficient operations. We then define the actions necessary to optimize these top drivers of value, including:
Refining Sales Strategy
Clear ROI & TCO Messaging
New Revenue Channels
Improved Lead Generation
Improving Market Positioning
Align Offering With Customer Need
Increase "Share of Voice"
Accelerate Industry Adoption
Scaling Operations
Ensure Superb User Experience
Increase Revenue Growth
Improve Yield And Productivity
Carrick has a deep mix of individuals with diverse but complementary backgrounds, including significant tenures in investment banking, private equity, enterprise software, professional services, government policy, and business operations.
Our Approach
Market Focus: Software, SaaS, Transaction Processing, and Technology-Enabled Services Companies.

Investment Philosophy: “Thesis Driven Origination” that identifies transformational industry sectors with extraordinary market opportunity. We then select companies that best demonstrate a “Value Edge” capable to capitalize on those opportunities.

Investment Strategy: Capital investment and alignment with the company's leadership team on our ABV and “Top Drivers of Value.”
Investment Criteria
Company Scale
Revenue: $20M - $100M
Current or Near Profitability
Market & Growth
Addressable Market >$1B
Revenue Growth >15%
Operating Metrics
Gross Margins: Software >65%; Services >40%
New S&M < New Revenue
Capital Needs
Equity Investment >$35M
Primary or Secondary
At Carrick, we believe in carefully choosing a limited number of companies, and then working closely with their management teams on common, strategic goals. Our approach is collaborative and does not follow a strict, formulaic playbook, but instead focuses on teamwork and mutual goal alignment.