Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Carrick recognizes the management of ESG factors as vital to operating strong businesses and creating value for investors.
We have integrated our ESG program both within our firm and across our investment portfolio. We leverage a proprietary ESG risk assessment model as part of our diligence processes and incorporate identified risks and opportunities into the strategic plan of each investment. Our goal is to optimize the operational and strategic impacts of ESG across all aspects of the investment lifecycle.
“We assess potential investments and current holdings through an ESG lens, considering it a reflection of robust business management practices. We embrace a data-driven approach to ESG, enabling us to measure progress against quantifiable targets, demonstrate tangible progress, and provide valuable insights to our stakeholders.”
Jim Madden & Marc McMorris, Co-CEOs
Approach to ESG

It is Carrick’s belief that effective management of ESG issues creates long-term value in line with the firm’s fiduciary responsibilities. Consequently, ESG is integrated into our investment lifecycle and is a priority in our business practices.

Broad Support
• Ownership and accountability by the executive team
• ESG as a natural extension of firm culture and values
• Investment professionals empowered to own implementation
Clear Objectives
• Investment commitment to high ethical standards
• Pre- and post-investment evaluation of ESG factors
• Integration of systemic ESG objectives into the business
Demonstrated Commitment
• Action plans with implementation steps directly tied to the business
• Data and documents to evidence commitment to the ESG program
• Ongoing review of policies and procedures to close gaps between objectives and implementation
Portfolio Highlights
As part of our efforts to measure the efficacy and impact of our ESG program, Carrick collects metrics from all its portfolio companies across a standardized set of ESG themes.
• Meet or exceed targets for employee retention
• Maintain sustainability initiatives
• Certify to a third-party customer privacy standard or framework
• Maintain a Code of Conduct or similar business ethics policy
• Maintain 99% or better enterprise service uptime
• Meet or exceed targets for data security awareness training
• Meet or exceed targets for workforce training on anti-discrimination and anti-harassment
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Efforts
Carrick is committed to fostering a culture that encourages a diverse, inclusive, and high-performing environment in which all voices are heard and considered.
We actively leverage both industry-wide data and employee feedback to evaluate the actual and perceived equity of company practices as well as to determine how well we are supporting all team members. Surveying employees to better understand their goals for DEIB, we developed a comprehensive DEIB strategy that establishes a shared language and understanding across the organization. We are consequently committed to an assortment of programs, including inclusion-focused recruiting policies as well as organization-wide education and training sessions, to cultivate an inclusive and supportive work environment.
Steering Committee
Senior executives from the firm, representing client, investment and operational expertise, comprise the ESG Steering Committee that manages and maintains oversight of all related policies and initiatives.
Please read our ESG Policy in which we define Carrick’s guiding principles to managing ESG factors and discuss the framework for prioritizing related issues.