Cathy Eddy Joins as Newest Member of Discovery Health Partners Strategic Advisory Board

Retired Health Plan Alliance president advances Discovery’s goals and supports customer outcomes with innovation, product development, and strategic planning expertise
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Itasca, IL (September 17, 2019) - Discovery Health Partners today announced that Health Plan Alliance founder and former president, Cathy Eddy, has joined its Strategic Advisory Board. Discovery’s Strategic Advisory Board is charged with guiding the company in advancing its industry-leading solutions portfolio to help health plans proactively avoid costs, improve the accuracy of claims payments, and protect the erosion of premium revenue through emerging technologies, services, and best practices.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cathy to our Strategic Advisory Board,” stated Discovery CEO Jason Brown. “Her passion and leadership in the health plan industry is renown, and we consider it a privilege to have her taking an active role with Discovery as we pursue aggressive growth and innovation goals while delivering the best possible payment integrity outcomes for our customers. There are few who know the needs of provider-sponsored plans—a key customer group for us—better than Cathy. Her insights will help us to continue to align our services to these health plans’ goals.”

Cathy founded the Health Plan Alliance in 1996 (formerly HMO Alliance), an organization that helps provider-sponsored and independent health plan members be more competitive in their individual markets by sharing a broad knowledge base, identifying performance improvement methods, enabling collective purchasing, and sharing insights. Under Cathy’s leadership, the Health Plan Alliance grew to 50 members. She retired as president in April 2018. In addition to her leadership at Health Plan Alliance, Cathy has extensive advisory and speaking experience with numerous boards and health organizations.

Formed in May of 2019, current Discovery Strategic Advisory Board members include: Amanda Fox, Healthcare and Insurance Practice Partner, Spencer Stuart (retired); Michael Cotton, CEO, Providence Health Plan; and Wheeler Coleman, CEO, EC-United, and former CTO at HCSC.

About Discovery Health Partners
Discovery Health Partners’ mission is to deliver unique, actionable analytic insights and technology-powered solutions to help healthcare payers improve payment integrity, increase revenue optimization, and maximize efficiencies with government programs. Serving more than 70 health plans across the U.S., including six of the 10 largest U.S. health plans, Discovery has been recognized consistently for its growth—earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list six years in a row and the Crain’s Fast 50 three times. For more information on Discovery Health Partners, go to

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