Everspring Launches “CourseBuilder” to Help Universities Move Online Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

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Chicago, IL (July 9, 2020) - Everspring Inc., a leading provider of digital solutions that empower universities to move online, has launched CourseBuilder, an innovative tool that helps colleges and universities create engaging, interactive online courses. Several prominent higher education institutions have already selected CourseBuilder to help them prepare for the fall semester and beyond.

“Universities face a pressing challenge,” said Everspring CEO Jeff Conlon. “They need to get a large of number of courses online, but at the same time they need to deliver the same quality instruction to keep their students engaged. CourseBuilder uses the power of scalable technology to help universities move quickly while allowing them to offer high-caliber courses.”

CourseBuilder provides an intuitive approach to building digital lesson plans, so faculty can focus their expertise on building content for courses without the need for advanced technical skills. The tool embeds instructional best practices in an easily accessible interface, allowing faculty to seamlessly incorporate videos, discussions, apps, quizzes, and other interactive elements. Clear and logical navigation features make it easy for instructors to map out a course trajectory and for students to know exactly where they are at all times during a term. With CourseBuilder, deeply engaging courses can be built in days or weeks rather than months—often at significant savings versus creating online courses from scratch.

Several leading institutions, including Claremont Graduate University (CGU), Scripps College, and the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) have chosen to use CourseBuilder so far. A number of additional universities are also in late stage talks to sign up for CourseBuilder to rapidly move their courses online for the fall semester.

“At CGU, we take pride in offering robust, academically rich courses both on-ground and online,” said Phaidra Speirs, Director, Online Programs for CGU. “With CourseBuilder, our faculty are able to accelerate conversion of on-ground courses to high-quality online experiences, with support resources such as live webinars for faculty training.”

CourseBuilder leverages the technology and instructional design expertise that Everspring has used to construct courses for university partners over the past decade. Students and partners have registered high marks for Everspring offerings, featuring a 95% student satisfaction rate and 98% term-to-term student retention.

“The CourseBuilder team were great partners as CGU made the transition to completely online instruction earlier this year due to the pandemic,” said Speirs.

“In creating CourseBuilder, we took both our partner universities’ immediate and long-term needs into account,” said Conlon. “CourseBuilder provides a solution to some of the problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also offers a way to truly help these institutions deliver a hybrid mix of offerings and capabilities on or off campus going forward.”

About Everspring

Everspring creates digital solutions that help leading higher education institutions deliver their legacy online, with excellence. Our exceptional technology and services empower universities to focus on teaching engaging content that transforms lives. Everspring offers a range of full-service turnkey solutions, fee-for-service offerings, as well as a set of innovative standalone products. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities across the country.

For more information, please visit everspringpartners.com.

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