Infinia ML Launches Patient Data and Legal Data Suites to Enhance Growing Document Processing Library

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DURHAM, NC / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2022 / Infinia ML, a disruptive technology vendor for Intelligent Document Processing, recently announced the release of their Patient Data and Legal Data Suites within their IDP platform, furthering their mission to help clients leverage machine learning to solve complex business problems.

The Infinia Patient Data suite can extract and classify common elements of patient-related documents - including patient information, demographics, medical codes, episodes of care, time sequencing, treatment information, and drug details - across all domains. This is complemented by the development of a healthcare knowledge base, which is a patient data-focused knowledge base and set of reusable models that can find and classify key pieces of data that move around the healthcare system in unstructured or document-based formats.

One of the key challenges in healthcare is that patient medical records and associated documents can be dense, convoluted, and long - forcing providers, insurers, and other interested parties to spend hours reviewing documents to find critical information. The IDP Platform’s Patient Data suite can automatically summarize and break down these long documents, making critical information immediately available to medical professionals and participants in the revenue cycle. The ROI comes via reduced time and resources spent reviewing documents, and increased discoverability of key information and risks within patient records, improving proactive patient risk management.

In addition to their Patient Data Suite, Infinia ML has also released a Legal Data Suite, capable of reading complex legal documents for context while parsing each document to its constituent clauses and entities based on context clues. The Legal Data suite supports reading contracts for content and classifying them by type and parties, detecting specific clauses of interest and concern by identifying all clauses present within a contract, and flagging renewal dates and fee values.

The Legal Data suite enables the platform to read natural language while understanding context and contract hierarchy - specifically, how subclauses and parent clauses relate to each other. This is a critical component to accurately understanding the legal implications and risk inherent in contract layout, as clause nesting can have significant legal impact.

The Legal data suite can also be configured to determine whether compliance related documents meet certain standards - such as audit control requirements - which enables the IDP platform to flag the least compliant-seeming documents for human validation. The resulting data output from contracts or other legal documents can also be used to analyze key changes in the organization’s contractual or compliance positioning, and how this may impact an organization’s risk profile.

With the release of the Patient Data and Legal Data Suites, Infinia ML has further enabled organizations to analyze complex documents quickly and accurately, leading to improved business outcomes.

About Infinia ML

Infinia ML’s intelligent document processing platform reads and comprehends key information from legal records, medical protocols, insurance claims, and more. The platform doesn’t just find words on a page - it understands them in the context of visual structure and layout.

The platform automates tedious tasks and empowers Infinia ML data scientists to uncover transformative business insights in processed documents, like supply chain warnings hidden in customer support requests, the patients most likely to return to the hospital, and the quality of proposals and contracts.

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