LegalSifter Launches Contract Control Program

AI-powered contract operations subscription with flexible software and services at a predictable, fixed cost.


Pittsburgh, PA – LegalSifter, a contract operations leader, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative Contract Control Program. Offering full-service and self-service contract operations options, the new program delivers complete flexibility, allowing businesses to mix and match software and services to suit their evolving needs.

The program gives organizations complete control over their contract process with its unique blend of AI software and expert services. This flexibility allows clients to:

Save Time: LegalSifter’s Sifting Services team of lawyers and paralegals work on day-to-day contract operations tasks, freeing client time for their most important and strategic work.

Avoid Surprise Fees: The flat monthly fee of the Contract Control Program gives clients a predictable cost framework on which they can budget across multiple years.

Improve Job Satisfaction: Client teams avoid the tedious to-dos that can otherwise make them look elsewhere for work.

The Contract Control Program is built around “Sift Credits,” a flexible pricing structure that clients use to manage new and existing contracts. The program delivers a range of solutions from AI-driven contract review and negotiation to comprehensive contract services performed by
LegalSifter’s Sifting Services team, such as redlining and data organization. The Contract Control Program gives clients the power of a dedicated contract operations team without the full expense.

The Contract Control Program includes the following pre-signature, “Before you Sign” software and services:

LegalSifter Review®: AI-powered software to streamline contract review and negotiation.

Adams Contracts™: Contract expertise from contributors like Ken Adams for configurable, clean contract templates.

Redlining and Negotiation Services: Guaranteed same-day turnaround on redlines by LegalSifter lawyers.

The Contract Control Program includes post-signature, “After You Sign” services including LegalSifter Organize®, expert contract management services to maintain accurate, organized contract data (>99% accuracy).

The Contract Control Program also includes a complimentary Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform at no cost. LegalSifter Control™ is a full-functioned CLM with unlimited users, storage, workflows, approvals, contract creation, searchable repository, reports, reminders, and integrations.

“The Contract Control Program gives clients power over their workflows without compromising quality or speed. It combines AI with human expertise in a flexible software and services subscription that guarantees results. LegalSifter is so confident in this approach, that we’ll deliver the Contract Control Program on top of any CLM, or we’ll give our clients LegalSifter Control at no additional cost,” explained LegalSifter CEO Kevin Miller.

About LegalSifter

LegalSifter is a leading legal technology and services company dedicated to redefining contract operations. Its mission is to bring affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence and human expertise. We use Combined Intelligence™—a unique blend of AI, contract expertise, and people —to deliver streamlined contract operations and guaranteed results. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, LegalSifter serves clients and partners globally. For more information, visit

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