Axiom, a recognized leader in the business of law, is the world’s largest provider of tech enabled legal, contracts and compliance solutions for large enterprises.

Axiom’s unique solutions combine legal expertise, technology and data analytics to deliver working in a way that dramatically reduces risk, cost and cycle-time. The firm comprises 1,200 lawyers, process engineers and technologists that serve over half the Fortune 100 across 14 offices and 5 centers of excellence globally.

“I think somebody coming in from outside the industry, outside the legal profession, would looking at it, saying, ‘Why do you do things like this? The clients don’t seem to want it like that. The lawyers in the law firms don’t seem overly happy either. Why not change it? Why not think of doing it a different way?’ And I think that’s what Axiom brought into the market.

And that’s why I think Axiom is a really interesting company, because it’s has created something that’s different from the in-house model. It’s different from the law firm model. And I think it really bridges that gap and makes it a more interesting world in which we can choose what legal services we need at a given time for our corporate clients.” says Rosemary Martin of Vodafone.

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Axiom exists to help transform the legal industry for the better. At approximately one half-trillion dollars it is the world’s second largest…
Axiom in the News
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Reid-Dodick Joins as Compensation Chair and Philips as Audit Chair | ‘New Economy’ Leaders Share Axiom Vision for Future of Work
December 4, 2018
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New York, NY– Axiom, the leading global alternative legal services provider, announced two strategic hires to its leadership team. Cathy Johnson joins Axiom as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Lisa Young joins as General Counsel (GC). As Axiom continues to significantly grow and scale its business, Johnson and Young will play critical roles in furthering Axiom’s mission to transform the legal industry through talent and technology.
September 5, 2018
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New York, NY – Trillions of dollars of lease obligations are set to hit corporate balance sheets in December 2018 for US companies, and January 2019 for international companies as new lease accounting standards (ASC 842 and IFRS 16) take effect. The two standards introduce new rules for how companies identify and measure the value of leases, and how they report them on corporate balance sheets. But as the deadlines for compliance loom, companies will need to look beyond leases – to their entire contract portfolio – in order to meet the requirements, according to new insights from Axiom, the leading global alternative legal services provider.
July 16, 2018
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New York, NY (June 26, 2018) – Intralinks, the world’s leading Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider, and Axiom, the leading global alternative legal services provider which has supported more than $500 billion in corporate transactions, today announced that they have formed an alliance to provide new and existing clients innovative solutions for buy and sell-side due diligence and post-merger integration.
June 26, 2018
Brexit creates the most significant contracting challenge the financial services industry has ever faced, with more than 7.5 million contracts requiring amendments within the next 12 months, according to an Axiom analysis. Axiom launches BrexitBridge – a standardised, flexible solution to update contracts ahead of Brexit – to help companies respond.London (MARCH 15, 2018) – Major financial services companies operating across the UK and EU will need to review and update more than 7.5 million contracts in the next 12 months – including trading documents, key supplier agreements, loans and non-trading contracts – according to new analysis from Axiom, the leading global alternative legal services provider. To help the industry meet this challenge, today Axiom is launching BrexitBridge, a flexible, modular solution that combines artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence tools and legal expertise to expedite the review, revision and renegotiation of contracts on a large scale.
By Stephen Strigle
March 15, 2018
New York, NY (January 30, 2018) — Axiom, the leading global alternative legal services provider, today announced the Contracts Intelligence Platform, a state-of-the-art technology solution for corporate transaction teams that speeds the contract review process, reveals potential deal synergies and provides business-critical information in a clear, elegant system.The Contracts Intelligence Platform, used during buy or sell-side due diligence or during post-merger integration, provides two key functions: First, the technology automates contract review, using artificial intelligence to collect and identify relevant clauses. As part of Axiom’s M&A Diligence and Integration solution, experienced legal professionals also provide oversight to ensure data accuracy and interpret contractual language into structured, measurable data fields.
By Stephen Strigle
January 31, 2018
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