Blackwell Captive Solutions

Blackwell Captive Solutions Demystifies the Captive Market with Differentiated, Proven Strategies.

For too long, medical stop loss captives have been too complicated, hard to exit, and required employers to post collateral. Often captives will require groups to make significant changes to their plan design and relinquish their vendors to join.

Blackwell Captive Solutions demystifies the captive market with a simple, yet proven, strategy that meets clients where they are most comfortable. Blackwell delivers essential stability with desired flexibility by bringing access to cutting-edge health and cost-containment solutions for self-funded plans and members.

Welcome to a New Kind of Captive

We seek to challenge the status quo and bring new perspectives to the captive market.

Blackwell Captive Solutions:


  • Does NOT Require Sweeping Plan Changes.
  • Is Accessible to ALL Brokers and TPAs.
  • Does NOT Require Clients to Post Collateral. Blackwell Clients Can Simply Provide a Letter of Credit.
  • Provides Great Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Employers (50-1,500).
  • Enables Greater Control of Risk Profiles, Transparency, and Cost Savings.
  • Delivers Year-Over-Year Predictability of Insurance Costs.
  • Offers Two Distinct Treaty Dates - January 1 an July 1.
  • Provides Potential to Earn a Return of Up to 50% of Premiums with Experience Rated Refunds (ERRs).
  • Is Domiciled in South Carolina.

All of Blackwell’s solutions are uniquely available on an opt-in basis, meaning captive members need only partake in solutions that work for them and their members. If you want to realize more control, secure favorable terms and pricing, and maximize financial savings, contact Blackwell Captive Solutions today to take a closer look at our medical stop-loss captive solution.

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