Brightspot, formally known as Perfect Sense, is a technology company that helps businesses build and deliver digital experiences designed specifically for their customers.

Brightspot accomplishes this with its product line and expert professional services that ensure businesses realize fast time-to-value and are able to efficiently and effectively deliver content to the right audience, at the right time, in the right location and on any device.

Named after its core digital experience platform, Brightspot is at the heart of the great digital journeys our customers deliver. The Brightspot platform powers digital products and revenue channels by bringing together the systems and data critical to business success, while providing best-in-class editorial tools to its users.

Brightspot features a powerful search capability, the ability to manage and distribute content across multiple sites and channels, and built-in analytics. In addition, the platform’s ability to personalize the delivery of content, along with the ability to understand individual user demographics captured in virtually any CRM, ensures businesses can deliver and manage a relevant and personalized digital experience for every customer/user.

In today’s business climate, enterprises of all sizes need agility and the ability to rapidly respond to change. Brightspot’s framework lets enterprises deploy a ready to go enterprise-class publishing infrastructure powered by Brightspot in less than 4 months, empowering them to benefit from a new platform and quickly iterate and innovate new products for their company and customers.

In addition Brightspot offers enhancement packages such as Brightspot OTT for over-the-top content management and delivery and Brightspot Media Desk for digital asset management. Additional packages are planned for release in the coming year.

Brightspot is headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information, visit and

Brightspot delivers enterprise web publishing solutions and digital consulting services in a more impactful, empowering way.
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