Saviynt Debuts One-Stop Resource Exchange for Thousands of Enterprise Identity Professionals

The Saviynt Knowledge Exchange provides comprehensive self-service community access to research, technical, and market information


LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2024--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Saviynt, a leading provider of cloud-native identity and governance platform solutions, has launched Saviynt Knowledge Exchange to provide customers with fast access to the most comprehensive community forum in Identity. The Knowledge Exchange makes it easy for customers and partners to connect, collaborate and access quickly critical resources needed for today’s enterprise identity management programs.

Saviynt Knowledge Exchange ( is for enterprise identity security professionals, rolled out this month, as a public resource tool to streamline the user experience for IT and security professionals. It also provides point-and-click access to Saviynt Learn, which offers training and certification programs designed to grow skills quickly so professionals can take full advantage of the opportunities made possible by Saviynt technology.

“I was able to use a centralized search engine to find information, reducing the need to navigate between multiple platforms. Saviynt Knowledge Exchange streamlined my experience and also saved a lot of time,” said Manish Kumar, Manager at KPMG India and Saviynt Community Forums All-Star. “Overall, unifying these resources under a single search engine has the potential to enhance the overall user experience, foster community engagement, and streamline information retrieval. This will be a very powerful tool to enhance community engagement.”

Some key Saviynt Knowledge Exchange features include:

  • Integration with the Saviynt Community Forums, giving you interactive access to thousands of peer-sourced solutions created by our rapidly growing customer community of more than 3,000 industry experts and professionals.
  • Documentation at your fingertips. Customers and Partners are able to access Saviynt Documentation ranging from concepts and how-to’s to troubleshooting and FAQs, precisely when they need it to help them resolve issues independently.
  • Access to Saviynt Learn, which provides training and certification programs designed to grow your skills so you can take full advantage of the opportunities made possible by Saviynt technology.
  • Links to key ‘out-of-the-box’ integrations and connectors with applications.
  • Trending Knowledge Base articles.
  • Helpful training videos.
  • Upcoming and pre-recorded Saviynt events and webinars.
  • As well as easy access to:
    • The Saviynt Ideas Portal to submit ideas for new product features.
    • Saviynt Support Ticket Portal to submit support tickets.
    • A link to the Saviynt User Groups with other Identity Security thought leaders across the globe on an Advocacy Portal.

“A world-class customer experience is at the heart of our technology,” said Adnan Alvi, General Manager of Saviynt Labs. “Saviynt Knowledge Exchange advances the customer self-service experience by providing around-the-clock access to our vast library of knowledge resources in a single location. This ‘one-stop shop’ promises to be of critical value to security professionals. The Saviynt Knowledge Exchange is all things Saviynt—technology, content, and expert community in one place at their fingertips.”

To access the Saviynt Knowledge Exchange, please click here.

About Saviynt:

Saviynt empowers enterprises to secure their digital transformation, safeguard critical assets, and meet regulatory compliance. With a vision to provide a secure and compliant future for all enterprises, Saviynt’s cutting-edge solutions have been recognized as industry leaders. For more information, please visit

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